Shepherding Care Ministries
Providing Pastoral Care In A Pinch
When you, your organization, or your church needs pastoral help to fill a void, SCM exists to serve! Here's how:

> Are you without a church but need a pastor to perform a wedding, funeral, memorial service, or a hospital or nursing home visitation?

> Does your church need a guest preacher or interim pastor?

> Is your church planning evangelistic services, leadership training, or teaching on a topic beyond the scope or availability of your current staff?

> Are you a pastor or church desiring mentoring, consultation, or coaching?

> Is there a conflict in your church that calls for bringing in a consultant or an outside mediator?

> Do you wish your business or organization had a chaplain similar to those of the military to be available to your workers?

> Do you just want a pastor to consult on a troubling question?

Now there is a vital resource for each of these needs!

(Nondenominational Christian Evangelical)
2 Corinthians 1:3-4
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Rev. David R. Leigh
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